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Michael Gage - WeBWorK 1.6 is ready for downloading

Michael Gage - WeBWorK 1.6 is ready for downloading

by Arnold Pizer -
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userMichael Gage - WeBWorK 1.6 is ready for downloading  blueArrow
1/5/2001; 11:24:32 AM (reads: 1941, responses: 3)
WeBWorK 1.6 is ready for downloading
WeBWorK Version 1.6 is available for downloading. Details are given below. You can tell what version you are running by looking at the "WeBWorK Logo" at the top of (e.g.) the login page. The version number appears on the right side. If there is no version number, you are running a very old version.

Version 1.6 of WeBWorK contains many enhancements. Most noticeable to students is that their answers are now saved. A students can fill in several parts of a multi-part question, then log out. When the student returns to the problem, his or her old answers will be filled in ready to be submitted. This also means that Professors and TA's, when viewing a student's problem, can see EXACTLY what answers the student submitted. For this and other reasons, the default mode (controlled by a check box) when Professors and TA's are viewing a student's problem is now "Do Not Record Answers." This means a professor can test an answer without modifying the student's score or saved answers. The "save answer" feature is controlled by a global variable (default is to save answers) which can be over ridden by setting $recordSubmittedAnswers = 0 or 1 in an individual problem. For example this should be set to 0 for an anonymous questionnaire.

The classlist page now has much greater functionality. For example, you have a wide variety of options when updating or replacing the classlist database using a classlist file (you should almost never use the command line script anymore). There are many other changes and bug fixes throughout the code.

Courses running under WeBWorK 1.5 will run without change under WeBWorK 1.6.

The templates tar file contains approximately 1300 WeBWorK problems covering pre-calculus, first year calculus, and vector calculus and HAS NOT BEEN updated. In the near future we will have available differential equations problems and also 8th grade level problems. All the problems in the tar file also appear in the demo Course. If you are interested in teaching a differential equations course using WeBWorK, please contact us and we can give you access to the problems used at Rochester this fall.

You are free to use these problems, but please do not redistribute them.

If you are interested in using WeBWorK, but are not ready to install it at your institution, we can host small (say under 100 student) WeBWorK courses at Rochester. This will give people the opportunity to use WeBWorK without the necessity of installing WeBWorK. If you are interested in this, please contact Mike Gage ( or Arnie Pizer

WeBWorK is supported by an NSF DUE CCLI grant. Institutions interested in adopting WeBWorK are eligible (even encouraged) to apply for support under the CCLI Adaptation and Implementation (A&I) track. Information is available at We would be happy to support you in such proposals. Last year several colleges and universities received support under this program to adapt and implement WeBWorK.

Mike and Arnie will be conducting a MiniCourse on WeBWorK at the annual AMS/MAA meeting in New Orleans next week. If you are attending, stop by and say hello.

Now finally the information that some of you really want:

In order to download version 1.6 of WeBWorK, connect to

Click on download WeBWorK, register if you haven't already, and follow the instructions. Note as of this moment some of the verbiage refers to version 1.5, but if you read closely you will see you are downloading version 1.6

Arnie Pizer and Mike Gage
Posted by Michael Gage on 1/5/01; 11:24:48 AM
from the dept.


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userMichael Gage - Re: WeBWorK 1.6 is ready for downloading  blueArrow
1/5/2001; 8:02:09 PM (reads: 2115, responses: 1)
This is only a test

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userMichael Gage - Re: WeBWorK 1.6 is ready for downloading  blueArrow
1/5/2001; 8:07:31 PM (reads: 2480, responses: 0)
of the search indexing process in Manila

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userMichael Gage - Re: WeBWorK 1.6 is ready for downloading  blueArrow
1/5/2001; 8:11:14 PM (reads: 2253, responses: 0)
Checking to see one6 appears in index.

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