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parserFunction/parserAssignment memory issues

Re: parserFunction/parserAssignment memory issues

by Alex Jordan -
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This was hitting the Runestone server hard on some exercises that have recently been in use. I did a diff on the 2.16 and 2.17 versions of parserAssignment.pl, and there were two changes that I do not fully understand, but seem to me to be isolated in scope to just this one file. So I put the 2.17 version in place, and now that exercise is not causing trouble.

The diff is:

<   bless $f, $class if $f->type eq 'Assignment';
>   return $f unless $f->type eq 'Assignment';
>   bless $f, $class;
>   $other = $other->Package("Formula")->new($self->context,$other) unless $other->isFormula;

Anyway it seems like 2.16 may have a significant issue with parserAssignment.pl. Or maybe it was hotfixed at some point. I hope this thread helps anyone get past the issue.