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Michael Gage - cubic_spline

Michael Gage - cubic_spline

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Produces a reference to a subroutine which evaluates a C^2 piecewise cubic polynomial passing through the specified points : (x0,y0), ...


$spline = cubic_spline([$x0,$x1...],[$y0,$y1...]);
$y = &$spline(34);
yields the y value at 34.


References to two arrays, specifying respectively the x, y values to be interpolated by the Hermite polynomial. All of the parameters are required. There are no defaults. The x values must be strictly increasing.


A reference to a function of one variable representing the polynomial. The domain of the function is the closed interval spanned by the x values used in its definition.


Cubic splines are often used to represent numerical data.

This subroutine is defined in

See Also

hermite_spline,, javaScript_cubic_spline


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