Can't connect to AMS instance after Launch

Re: Can't connect to AMS instance after Launch

by Ken Luther -
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So here I am 2 weeks later, after saying I'd try this "tomorrow" on the 14th! Life got crazy. I've launched the instance again being very careful with my rules in the security group, I do have 3 inbound rules (ssh, http, https), and I am able to access the instance by ssh. I'm now happily checking for and installing an update. I think what happened the last time is when I read the line in the instructions about "you can use the default security group or create a new one", I took "default" as "don't make any changes, just use it as-is" ... and I likely did not explicitly click to add rules for HTTP / SSH. My list of older security groups shows a default security group only one inbound rule. But now I have all 3, and so far, all is well. Thanks again for helping!