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Thomas R. Shemanske - Windows Me / Internet Explorer errors

Thomas R. Shemanske - Windows Me / Internet Explorer errors

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicWindows Me / Internet Explorer errors topic started 9/27/2001; 4:12:44 PM
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userThomas R. Shemanske - Windows Me / Internet Explorer errors  blueArrow
9/27/2001; 4:12:44 PM (reads: 2870, responses: 1)
A colleague has a brand new Dell with Windows Me and the most recent shipping version of Internet Explorer.

When building problems for newly added students he gets IE errors, although it appears that the problems have been successfully built.

The text of the errors follows. Has anyone bumped into this "feature" of IE?

Problem Report: The system detected HTTP Error Invalid Request while attempting to retrieve the URL

Message ID: Request Invalid

Problem Description: The system did not accept the HTTP request

Possible Problem Cause: The browser used " and generated a malformed HTTP request. This problem should not be encountered by a stable commercial browser (you gotta love that one!)

Possible Solution: Contact your Web browser technical support teacn if the problem persists, and provide the team with your account information.

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Windows Me / Internet Explorer errors  blueArrow
9/27/2001; 5:36:32 PM (reads: 3124, responses: 0)
Hi Tom,

Are yor refering to MSIE 6? I used MSIE 6 for quite while (on a windows 2000 system) and encountered no problems with WeBWorK.

Unfortunately MSIE 6 disabled one of the components of McAfee Virus scan on my system so I went back to using MSIE 5.5.


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