WeBWorK working groups and leaders:
Accessibility -- making WeBWorK accessible to all
Lila Roberts, Georgia College and State University
Vicki Roth, University of Rochester
Ease of Use -- resolving user interface issues in WeBWorK2, particularly the instructor interface
Arnie Pizer, University of Rochester
Linear Algebra -- writing good linear algebra problems in WeBWorK
Tom Haggedorn The College of New Jersey
Sequential Problems -- (progressive, ) sectioned problems in which the first part of the problem must be answered before the remaining parts of the problem are revealed.
Karen Clark The College of New Jersey
MathObjects Documentation -- documenting the new question writing paradigm developed by Davide Cervone
Jason Aubrey University of Missouri
Sam Koski Miami Springs Senior High
FlashObjects -- Integrating flash and java applets into WeBWorK problems
Doug Ensley Shippensberg University
Barbara Kaskoz University of Rhodes Island
GraphObjects -- Rewriting existing graph objects so that they conform to the MathObjects paradigm -- and documenting the changes
Darwyn Cook Alfred University
Simplified Entry -- developing and disseminating simplified methods of entering certain problem types
Robert Molzon University of Kentucky
PreCalc -- developing tools for writing pre-calc questions
Robin Cruz Albertson College of Idaho
Problem Library -- developing methods that streamline the way contributed WeBWorK questions are uploaded and edited
John Jones Arizona State University
Automated Question Testing -- automated testing of WeBWorK questions
Ted Ashton University of Georgia
Problems for Computer Science -- developing methods for using WeBWorK in CS courses
Christelle Scharff Pace University
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