Enter short tips on using WeBWorK and working with the WeBWorK community.


It is possible to make a link that will log you in automatically using the first free guest account by using an address of the form


You can have this link on a page that gives students the information that this course is available to them, for example. You could also make it a button rather than a link by using this URL as the target of a form:

<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Practice Calculus">

To reference a given set, say setOrientation, use:

and for problem 3 of set applets use:

If you set the permissions for the course correctly, then the answers will not be saved and so won't be displayed when the next person logs into the same practice account. I think you can also arrange it so that there is only a "check answers" button rather than "submit" and the "number of attempts" will always be 0 rather than showing how many times other people tried the problem. Making sure that the guest accounts have permission level -5 (the standard guest permission level) is the first step in that.