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Creates one or more answer evaluators which check string answer(s).


str is a string representing the correct answer.


Option key Option value Default
filters [filter1, filter2, ...] where each filter is one of:trim_whitespace removes white space from ends of string

compress_whitespace removes white space from ends and compresses runs of whitespace to a single space.

remove_whitespace removes all white space in string

ignore_case ignores case of letters.

ignore_order ignores the order in which the letters are entered


One or more answer evaluators. The second construction creates two answer evaluators. The default behavior ignores case, and treats runs of white spaces as a single space.


* ANS( str_cmp(['Good bye']) will accept 'good \ \ BYE', but not 'goodbye'
* ANS(str_cmp("Hello", filters => ['ignore_order]) ) will accept 'lloeH', but not 'HEOLL'
* ANS(str_cmp("H ello",'remove_whitespace') ) will accept 'Hello' and 'H e l l o'.
* ANS(str_cmp(['Tweedle dee', 'Tweedle dum']) ) generates answer evaluators for two successive answer blanks.


If you use only one filter you can use the shortcut
ANS(str_cmp("Hello",'ignore_order')) for
ANS( str_cmp("Hello", filters =>['ignore_order'] ) )