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Try out Trigonometry

This course explores the development of trigonometric formulas starting with angles in degrees.

Problem Syllabus

Course Downloads

The Entire Collection of set definitions, set headers and non-NPL problems - File:Set Trig Model Course.tgz.txt
The non-NPL problems and associated unit set headers - File:Local.trig.tgz.txt
Active version of this course - Login to "model_trig" as "Guest" to try these out.


A few selected reading/research projects are included as special homework problems in the model course homework sets. Each of these projects are completely defined and include a few numerical questions to encourage the students to start their information search. Correctly answering these numerical questions give complete credit for the "homework" problems but the paper submitted later would be expected to be somewhat more extensive. It is not expected that the papers will be exhaustive but more like a web search and compilation with perhaps some examples. If an instructor does not want to pursue written work, these problems can be deleted without detracting from the problem syllabus.

  • Historical look into the development of the Pythagorean Theorem and focus on real-life applications.
  • Investigation into nautical miles and the relationship to angular measure, surface distance and applications.