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More Application of Trig Functions

  • Angle of elevation and angle of depression
  • Distance and Bearing
    • Two ships
  • Arc length
    • Given angle in radians, determine length of arc (ala satellite distance traveled)
    • Given angle in degrees, determine length of arc
    • Given arc length and radius, determine angle
    • Arc length traveled over a certain amount of time.
  • Area of Circular Sector
    • Given angle and radius, determine area of sector (ala lawn sprinkler or windshield wiper)
    • Given area and radius, determine angle
  • Velocities
    • Angular velocity (ala grandfather clock)
    • Fixed angular velocity related to linear velocity for different radii
    • Linear velocity (ala satellite speed or various diameter bicycle wheels)
      • Bicycle wheel/gears would be a nice place to use an interactive app...
    • Nice app dealing with linear velocity of persons at various latitudes
    • RPMs for fan blades or lawnmower blades or propellers given angular velocity in some form.