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This article has been retained as a historical document. It is not up-to-date and the formatting may be lacking. Use the information herein with caution.

The global.conf file is the main WeBWorK configuration file.

WeBWorK File: global.conf.dist
Location: webwork2/conf/
Source code: HEAD (pod)

rel- (pod)

Seed variables

Set these variables to correspond to your configuration and preferences. You will need to restart the webserver to reset the variables in this section.

Seed Variables
Variable name Default Description
$webwork_url "/webwork2" URL of WeBWorK handler. If WeBWorK is to be on the web server root, use "". Using "" may not work so we suggest sticking with "/webwork2".
$server_root_url "" e.g.
$server_userID "" e.g. www-data
$server_groupID "" e.g. wwdata

TODO: Clarify this: In the apache configuration file (often called httpd.conf) you will find

User wwadmin --- this is the $server_userID -- of course it may be wwhttpd or some other name

Group wwdata --- this is the $server_groupID -- this will have different names also

Root directory of PG.

$pg_dir = "/opt/webwork/pg";

URL and path to htdocs directory.Uncomment the second line below when using litetpd

$webwork_htdocs_url = "/webwork2_files";

$webwork_htdocs_dir = "$webwork_dir/htdocs";

URL and path to courses directory.

$webwork_courses_url = "/webwork2_course_files";

$webwork_courses_dir = "/opt/webwork/courses"; (a typical place to put the course directory)

Paths to external programs

Mail settings


System-wide Locations

Course-specific locations

System-wide files

Course-specific files

Status system

Database options

Problem library options


Site defaults

Authentication system

Authorization system

Session options

PG sub-system options