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The global.conf file is the main WeBWorK configuration file.

WeBWorK File: global.conf.dist
Location: webwork2/conf/
Source code: HEAD (pod)

rel- (pod)

Seed variables[edit]

Set these variables to correspond to your configuration and preferences. You will need to restart the webserver to reset the variables in this section.

Seed Variables
Variable name Default Description
$webwork_url "/webwork2" URL of WeBWorK handler. If WeBWorK is to be on the web server root, use "". Using "" may not work so we suggest sticking with "/webwork2".
$server_root_url "" e.g.
$server_userID "" e.g. www-data
$server_groupID "" e.g. wwdata

TODO: Clarify this: In the apache configuration file (often called httpd.conf) you will find

User wwadmin --- this is the $server_userID -- of course it may be wwhttpd or some other name

Group wwdata --- this is the $server_groupID -- this will have different names also

Root directory of PG.

$pg_dir = "/opt/webwork/pg";

URL and path to htdocs directory.Uncomment the second line below when using litetpd

$webwork_htdocs_url = "/webwork2_files";

$webwork_htdocs_dir = "$webwork_dir/htdocs";

URL and path to courses directory.

$webwork_courses_url = "/webwork2_course_files";

$webwork_courses_dir = "/opt/webwork/courses"; (a typical place to put the course directory)

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