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What is a Model Course?

One of our goals is to create Model Courses. By this, we mean a set of WeBWorK problem sets with problems that will match the course syllabus for one or more textbooks.

Model Course View from Web Conference 12/14/2011

  • We could have a set of (polished) model courses in the SVN, say .../courses in the SVN tree, that would unpack in the courses directory of an installation (this would require that the courses directory be in a predicatable location). This would then show up in the "copy templates from" drop down when creating a course.
  • The set definitions in the model courses should be in several groups:
    • Topic definitions (to allow easy browsing of problems by topic in the course)
    • Syllabus definitions (to allow easy creation of sets that match a given syllabus)
    • Textbook definitions (to allow easy creation of sets that match a given text)


  • Try to get the topic set definitions on the wiki as we move into next semester
  • Try to get the polished versions of those up as the year moves on
  • Try to get the SVN repository up later in the year

An alternate view of a Model Course


What should be in a Model Course:

  • Information about the text(s) to which it is matched
  • Information about the syllabus that it assumes
  • The set definition files (or sets of set definition files) that provide the problem sets for the course
  • Any problems that are developed to fill in gaps in the NPL


  • Naming conventions: how should we name sets and problems so that they are consistent (within the course) and useful?
  • Completeness: how much should the model courses be a complete set of problem sets and problems for a course?
  • Can/should we have model units that combine to make a model course?
  • How would these model units fit into the organizational structure?
  • How can we include documentation that discusses how these materials are used?
    • Can this be addressed with naming convention?
    • Should it be addressed by organizational structure within the model?

Instructions for Importing and Exporting Model Sets


How should all of these data be organized? A possible model:


Course Pages

College Algebra


Calculus 1

Multivariate Calculus

Linear Algebra

Math for Elementary Education