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If you want to save your course on your computer or perhaps transfer your course to another computer, you will want to group everything into one file to make things easier to manage.


  1. Log into the course for which you are the instructor
  2. Under Instructor's Tools, select the Homework Sets Editor
  3. From the table at the bottom of the page, select the checkbox for each problem set you want to save.
  4. Choose 'Export' and change the drop-down menu to 'selected sets'.
  5. Click on 'Take Action'
  6. On the new page, click on 'Export selected sets' and then 'Take Action'


  1. Under Instructor's Tools, select File Manager
  2. Select files to include in the archive.
    1. Highlight all of the problem sets
    2. Highlight any local problem files and set headers you use
      • Storing all edited files in the local/ directory makesselecting these various files easier. Proper prior planning can make this part much easier.
    3. Highlight any other special files (html, images, etc.) that belong with the problem sets.
    4. Note, clicking on a directory will include all files located in it. Holding down the control key and clicking allows you to select multiple files. Holding down the shift key and clicking the first and then the last files allows you to select them all.
  3. Click on 'Make Archive'. Webwork will respond by giving the file name of the newly archived problem set. This name will be at the top of the page and be in to for 'something.tgz'.
  4. Select File Manager. Find the archive file created in the previous step and click on 'Download' to save to your local computer.

If you import these problems for use on another computer, you will want to follow the Instructions for importing problem sets