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Prep Main Page > Web Conference 4 > NPL Notes

Notes on the NPL: What it has, What it needs

The NPL was created by Jeff Holt, John Jones and Bill Ziemer.


By default, we see a page with subject, chapter, section.


Should there be a "new" NPL that we should consider? Either peer reviewed, or with reduced redundancy, etc.?

Additional Metadata

  • Learning objectives (can this be addressed by more or better keyword tagging, and/or semantic tagging?)
  • Frequency of use, or number of errors per problem; could this be gathered from remote sites?
    • When should this be done? Browser, or instructor based---so an instructor could submit the use by course; or as something that runs from the NPL-Update script?
  • Ability to tell, from the library browser, which problems have solutions or hints; or which problems use MathObjects; or which are graphical.
  • "Parent" or "child" data: this problem is an edit of that, etc.

Missing Functionality

  • Keyword tagging is very uneven. Can this be improved?
  • Would a full text search be useful? Possible?
  • Ability to restrict the text editions that are displayed in the library browser---either by having the WeBWorK administrator check the texts that would be displayed, or by grandfathering out of existence some of the older texts
  • Peer review. Should there be a peer reviewed NPL?
  • Support for problems in different languages---Spanish, etc.
  • Search for problems using graphics, etc.
  • Support for boolean operators in the search: and, or,...
  • Support for variation in units in a problem (feet, meters, etc.)


There are a lot of problems that are very similar. How can we address issue?

  • Group problems by cohort, so that one of the problems is displayed, and the rest of the cohort could be displayed on request.