PREP 2011 Web Conference IV

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Web-Conference 4:

Date: June 15, 4-6pm EDT

Presenters: Jason Aubrey, Jeff Holt, Gavin LaRose



  1. Problem authoring questions
    1. A new problem to consider: [example 1] [example 2] [example 3]
    2. A different problem: [example]
    3. Other questions or comments? (How close are we to a goal of having everyone having authored a problem or two before the conference?)
  2. Follow-up on discussion of model course and organization of course material in the context of the Wiki or NPL
    1. How close is our document Model Course Pages to reasonable?
  3. Discussion of the NPL problems found in the previous assignment and what that tells us about the NPL
    1. How easy is it to find problems for a given text or section in the text? How could this be made easier, if need be?
      1. What types of metadata would be helpful (learning objectives, etc.)?
      2. Should/how should we be able to filter similar problems?
      3. Should/how should we have organization by specific text section?
      4. Other?
    2. What other metadata do we need or would be useful?
      1. Frequency of use/difficulty level/student success rate, possibly constributed back from WeBWorK sites to the NPL)?
      2. Ability to filter by presence of solutions or hints?
      3. Other?
    3. How do we find problems on specific topics? What do we need to be able to do this?
    4. How do we find "good" problems? What tools would be necessary to provide that type of feedback for the NPL problems?
    5. What metadata do we need to improve the usefulness of the NPL?
  4. Pre-conference logistical information
    1. Are there specific things that we should be building into the Carriage House workshop schedule?
    2. Workshop teams: we need to finalize these to make sure that we know who is bringing what to the Carriage House.
    3. Resources for the Carriage House: Carriage House Resources


  • Update wiki as necessary

Assignment for carriage house

  • Determine what textbooks and related material will be needed at the Carriage House, ensure that someone has the assignment to bring those.