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Scoring Homework Sets

(Click Scoring Tools.)

Use the Scoring Tools to export student's scores or performance data from WeBWork to a comma separated values (CSV) file. These files can then be

  • downloaded for use with a spreadsheet program, and
  • used within WeBWork to automatically send students personalized email to inform them of their scores and/or other scoring data.

To export homework set scoring data to a CSV file, do the following:

  • Click Scoring Tools
  • To score one set select it and press the Score Selected Set(s) button. To score multiple sets, highlight them and press the button; this will create a "totals" file which combines the scores from all of the sets to give final scores.

The options available function as follows:

Select Sets to Score
  • Pad Fields adds spaces within the fields of the scoring file. This displays nicely as HTML, but may cause trouble when importing the scoring file into a spreadsheet application. It is checked by default, and it is recommended that you un-check that option to produce a file for use in a spreadsheet application such as Open Office Calc or Excel.
  • Include Index adds a second column for each homework set; the second column reports the success index for the corresponding set for each student.
  • Record Scores for Single Sets creates the totals file, but also creates two additional files for each homework set selected:
    • s<SetName>scr.csv containing the status of each problem in the set for every student, and
    • s<SetName>ful.csv containing the information in the previous file and additionally the number of correct and incorrect attempts on each problem in the set for every student.
  • After clicking the Score Selected Set(s) button, the exported CSV file(s) will be available to download. A link to download each file will be available on the Scoring Tools page.
  • These scoring files, along with back-up copies of any older scoring files, are accessible from the File Manager.