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Hi Jason. I just posted this same message on Michael Gae's page and I thought I would mention it to you as well. When we created our Escherwiki we decided to have a front page with a more visual approach. Doing this (at least partially - I'm thinking about the documentation section) for the webwork page would look something like this: User:Anneke Bart/sandbox1 I only marked up the sections for the students and the instructors and I have not put a whole lot of time into finding images to visually draw the reader to the right place. I also updated the links a bit (added a link to how to email students for instance.). If you would like me to develop this further, please let me know. I already uploaded the relevant templates so the rest would be easy.
I also changed the table of consultants to a sortable table. I figured that if anyone wanted to find a consultant, it would be nice to sort by state for instance. --Anneke Bart 14:05, 6 January 2011 (UTC)