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08:08, 10 August 2013 Sketch WWprob.png (file) 167 KB screenshot of homework problem with sketch_3 applet used for autonomous differential equations. 1
13:24, 16 February 2013 PhasePortraitprob11 2.jpg (file) 75 KB Screenshot of phasePortrait applet embedded in homework problem 1
13:23, 16 February 2013 PhasePortraitprob11 1.jpg (file) 54 KB Screenshot of phasePortrait applet embedded in homework problem 1
09:33, 19 October 2012 WebworkFall2012MAA.pdf (file) 1,009 KB Powerpoint Slides providing overview of WeBWorK, for WeBWorK training session at the Fall 2012 meeting of the Ohio MAA, Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, OH 1
17:51, 1 August 2012 Minicourse.pdf (file) 3.43 MB Exercises and step by step instructions for building a problem set and authoring some simple WeBWorK problems. 1
16:15, 15 June 2012 GraphSketch3.jpg (file) 78 KB Shows graphSketch.swf file embedded in a WeBWorK homework problem with x and y ranges turned on and the student required to draw the sketch through the given point. 1
15:57, 15 June 2012 GraphSketch2.jpg (file) 96 KB screenshot of graphSketch applet embedded in a WeBWork problem. This shows a correctly drawn function. 1
15:46, 15 June 2012 GraphSketch1.jpg (file) 79 KB screen shot of the graphSketch applet embedded in a WeBWorK problem. 1
23:49, 26 January 2012 Invaders.jpg (file) 108 KB screenshot of invaders WeBWorK applet 1