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1 January 2010  The impact of implementing web homework in second-semester calculus  Journal article LaRose, G. PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, 20(8), 664-683.
1 January 2010  The use of videos, photos and animations for studying physics.   Conference Proceedings Lenton, K., Adams, R. & Dedic, H. Presented at the 26th Simposio Internacional de Computacion en la Educacion (International Symposium on the Use of Information Technology/Computers in Education), Monterrey, Mexico.
1 January 2010  Theory meets practice: HBCU initiatives that promote academic success among African Americans in STEM.  Palmer, R., Davis, R. & Thompson, T. Journal of College Student Development, 51(4), 440-443.
1 January 2010  WebWorK 2: An Internet-based system for screening students in the introductory calculus courses.  Master's thesis Pattabhi, R. http://sdsu-dspace.calstate.edu/handle/10211.10/429

San Diego State University
1 April 2009  Technology in support of the classroom.   Newsletter Article Bressoud, D MAA Focus: The Newsmagazine of the Mathematical Association of America, 29(1), 9.
1 January 2009  Inverting the remedial mathematics classroom with alternative assessment.   Book Chapter Brunsden, V. W. In C. Schreiner (Ed.), Handbook of research on assessment technologies, methods, and applications in higher education (pp. 205-212). can display
1 January 2009  Using Web-based technologies to reach and engage millennial students in calculus.   Conference Proceedings Carpenter, J. Proceedings from the 2009 American Society for Engineering Education Conference, Austin, TX.
1 January 2009  Online, interactive math homework!   Newsletter Article McLeod, A. Profweb: The Quebec College Crossroad for IT Integration.
1 January 2009  A comparison of traditional homework to computer-supported homework.   Journal article Mendicino, M., Razzaq, L. & Heffernan, N. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 41(3), 331–358
1 January 2008  Evaluating student response to WeBWorK, a web-based homework delivery and grading system    Journal article Roth, V., Ivanchenko, V., & Record, N. Long
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