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28 August 2012  Gameification and web based homework  Journal article Geoff Goehler http://polaris.cs.wcu.edu/~goehle/cheevopaper.pdf Describes the design and implementation of the MathAchievement module of WeBWorK and the experience of using the module in the classroom for a year. Long
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29 June 2012  A Reengineering of the Architecture of WeBWorK  Undergraduate paper David Gage, Zhiyuan Wu, Claude Richard Class project at the University of Waterloo Analyzes the current code base for WeBWorK2 what is needed to update the WeBWorK interface to meet Web 2.0 standards.  Makes specific proposals as to how to change the architecture to incorporate MVC architectural techniques. Long
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1 January 2012  WeBWorK tutorials for statistics II   Undergraduate paper DiLorenzo, E., Donnelly. C & Richard, N. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Long
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1 January 2012  Using WeBWorK , a web-based homework delivery and grading system, to help prepare students for active learning.   Journal article Lucas, A. Primus: Problems, Resources & Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, 22(2), 97-107.
1 January 2012  Facilitating WeBWorK problem authoring   Undergraduate paper Ma, Q., Selvo, N., Tang, C. & Yang, Z. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1 January 2012  Enhancing the mathematics skills of students enrolled in introductory engineering courses: Eliminating the gap in incoming academic preparation.  Journal article Tolley, P. A., Blat, C., McDaniel, C., Blackmon, D. & Royster, D. Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research, 13(3), 74-86.
1 January 2011  The effects of online homework in a university finite mathematics course.  Conference Proceedings Axtell, M., & Curran, E. In (Eds.) S. Brown, S. Larsen, K. Marrongelle, and M. Oehrtman, Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Vol. 1, 16-24, Portland, Oregon. Long
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1 January 2011  Integrating information technology in the college physics classroom to increase student success and motivation.  Conference Proceedings Adams, R., Lenton, K., & Dedic, H. Presented at the 27th Simposio Internacional de Computacion en la Educacion (International Symposium on the Use of Information Technology/Computers in Education), Gutierrex, Chiapas, Mexico. can display
1 January 2011  WeBWorK for statistics I   Undergraduate paper Li, Z. & Xia, Y. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1 January 2011  The accuracy and validity of online homework systems   Master's thesis Malevich, K. University of Minnesota-Duluth