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Solutions to the Problems

Solutions to the Problems

by Thomas Hagedorn -
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My apologies if this is in the documentation or the forum, but I didn't find it.

Is there a way to have the solutions of problems available to students after the due date? I'm envisioning writing a solution using the students parameters so that they can see how they could have solved their problem. Currently, I only know how to have Webwork display the final answer after the due date.

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Re: Solutions to the Problems

by Michael Gage -
There are several examples, but Gavin just put one up which is particularly clear:

See http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/SampleProblem2

The relevant section of the code is at the bottom of that example and
I've repeated it here. It is very important that the last line "END_SOLUTION"
is left justified and that there is nothing else on the line -- not even spaces.

 The derivative of \(f(t) = $func\) is
 \(f'(t) = $funcDeriv\), so the slope of
 the line is \(f'(2) = $m\). Then when
 \(t = 2\) we have \(f(2) = $y0\), so the
 equation of the line is \(y = $line\).

 This problem is clearly easy.

 A careful study of one WeBWorK
 instructor showed that 100% of all
 respondents thought this statement
 was true.

Hope this helps.

-- Mike