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Peter Woit - viewing DB files

Peter Woit - viewing DB files

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicviewing DB files topic started 9/7/2002; 6:31:02 AM
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userPeter Woit - viewing DB files  blueArrow
9/7/2002; 6:31:02 AM (reads: 1273, responses: 1)
Recently for one of our webwork courses, mistakes were made and the classlist DB file was corrupted for the course. After recreating this file, things seem to work except that from the instructor's page, error messages about an uninitialized variable appear when course statistics are accessed.

This seems to be a result of the fact that some students were listed as dropped, and the webwork_DB and classlist_DB files may now have some different ideas about this.

Starting to look into this, the first question that came up is: Are there any tools around that allow one to dump the data in these DB files in a readable text format?

Thanks for any advice,

Peter Woit

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: viewing DB files  blueArrow
9/9/2002; 2:33:02 AM (reads: 1515, responses: 0)
The classlist database can be exported to a classlist file via the web from the prof/classlist page.

From a terminal seesion on the server you can use the scripts:

Note that (or just resets a users permission to 0 (regular student) and then prints a list of all users and their permisions (0,5, or 10). Thus if jsmith is a regular student, running mth100 jsmith

will not change jsmith's status but will give you quickly a list of users and permisions from the permission database. Running mth100 dummy

will tell you (usually!) that dummy is not listed in the permissions file and then print out the list.

The names of the other scripts tell you what they do.


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