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Richard M. Woodward - With a little help from my friends (testing)

Richard M. Woodward - With a little help from my friends (testing)

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicWith a little help from my friends (testing) topic started 10/9/2002; 9:01:08 AM
last post 10/10/2002; 7:25:06 AM
userRichard M. Woodward - With a little help from my friends (testing)  blueArrow
10/9/2002; 9:01:08 AM (reads: 962, responses: 2)
Hello, WebWorkers.

There is still a lot I need to do in terms of problem set creation before I can present an effective demonstration of WebWork to Rochester area high schools. Right now, I am concentrating on tools and techniques to help me run WebWork on the internet from my home office LAN (running Win2k and RHL 7.3).

Would some of you take a few minutes and help me test my current setup? I wrote a Perl script to 1)dynamically figure out my IP address when I connect to the www 2)edit an html file to contain an up-to-date link using that IP 3)ftp that html page to my web site

It can be tested by going to Click on the item near the top of the page "Homework Demo" and then selecting a problem set (or two or three) to see if the mechanics all work OK. I think everything is all right, but it would help me a lot to hear that report from other WebWorkers. Of course, I want to hear about problems, too.

Note: When I am ready to go off the air I'll run another Perl script which produces a message about the WebWork Demo being unavailable. So whenever you click on "Homework Demo" you should get something meaningful (unless I crashed <grin>).

Thanks, Richard

Please try connecting to my server via the address http:

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userJun Wang - Re: With a little help from my friends (testing)  blueArrow
10/10/2002; 2:16:43 AM (reads: 1178, responses: 0)

I just tried it at and clicked the Homework Demo icon. It lead me to the homework set page. However, none of the homework set could be opened. I did not get the message from your script and instead got a browser message "Cannot find server or DNS Error, Internet Explorer".


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userRichard M. Woodward - Re: With a little help from my friends (testing)  blueArrow
10/10/2002; 7:25:06 AM (reads: 1201, responses: 0)
Thanks, Jun.

I got a similar report from Mark, and I think I know what my next step will be. Namely, to stop trying to share the modem connection on my Win2k computer and buy an external modem for Red Hat Linux 7.3. This should solve all my problems and put me back on the air soon.

To anyone interested--I cannot just move the modem from my Windows 2000 system to the RHL 7.3 system. The modem is a PCI WinModem. It only works with Windows.

Thanks for the assistance Jun (and Mark).

Regards, Richard

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