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Arnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK 1.8 announcement

Arnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK 1.8 announcement

by Arnold Pizer -
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userArnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK 1.8 announcement  blueArrow
10/16/2002; 6:51:14 AM (reads: 1124, responses: 0)
WeBWorK 1.8 announcement
WeBWorK Version 1.8 is available for downloading. Details are given below. You can tell what version you are running by looking at the "WeBWorK Logo" at the top of (e.g.) the login page. The version number appears on the right side. If there is no version number, you are running a very old version. A more prcise version number is given at the top of the file .../webwork/system/lib/

To begin downloading files, click on the software download link to the left.

Version 1.8 of WeBWorK contains several enhancements and bug fixes. The most apparent change is the addition of a new display mode ("typeset2") which uses dvipng to create png images of equations. The output is identical to the output from LaTeX2HTML ("typeset") but it is almost as fast as tth. Thus precreation is not required. We would like to express our sincere thanks to John Jones for providing the code the added the typeset2 mode.

Also problems can now be linked. There is a linkToPreviousProblem value in the setdefinition file. It is assumed to be 1 (true) or 0 (false, the default). If 1 this means, for every student, this problem will have the same seed as the previous problem. This means you can have a connected or linked series of problems that share the same "random data." For this to occur the linked problems have to define the same random variables in the same order (it is the responsibility of problem authors to do this). see for details.

Courses running under WeBWorK 1.5 or later will run without change under WeBWorK 1.8.

The templates_X.X_XX-MONTH-XX-XXXX.tar.gz file contains a library approximately 2500 WeBWorK problems covering pre-calculus, first year calculus, vector calculus, differential equations, probability, and statistics. Note that some problems form older distributions have been renamed and/or moved to other locations in the library. The current version of all problems (and WeBWorK system files if you want to live on the bleeding edge) can be obtained by connecting to , clicking on software download and then on "Experimental CVS for WeBWorK." The Rochester problem library is under the CVS Root Rochester and the system files are under System. In addition at this site you can find problem libraries from Cal State Long Beach (CSLB), Detroit County Day School (DCDS), Dartmouth, Indiana, Ohio State, and Stony Brook. If you have written WeBWorK problems and are are willing to share them, please contact us and we will add your problems to the repository.

If you are interested in using WeBWorK, but are not ready to install it at your institution, we can host small (say under 100 student) WeBWorK courses at Rochester. This will give people the opportunity to use WeBWorK without the necessity of installing WeBWorK. If you are interested in this, please contact Mike Gage ( or Arnie Pizer

Mike and Arnie will be conducting a MiniCourse on WeBWorK at the annual AMS/MAA meeting in Baltimore in January. If you are attending, stop by and say hello.

Now finally the information that some of you really want:

In order to download version 1.8 of WeBWorK, connect to

Click on download WeBWorK, register if you haven't already, and then click on Download Files.

Arnie Pizer and Mike Gage
Posted by Arnold K. Pizer on 10/16/02; 6:51:22 AM
from the dept.


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