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Mark Schmitt - Login names losing PSVNs

Mark Schmitt - Login names losing PSVNs

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicLogin names losing PSVNs topic started 10/26/2002; 3:24:15 AM
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userMark Schmitt - Login names losing PSVNs  blueArrow
10/26/2002; 3:24:15 AM (reads: 544, responses: 0)
I've been having some trouble with my change due dates by recitation. For some reason, I seem to randomly lose a PSVN number in the database. The PSVN number still exits, but when looking it up by login name, it comes back as "". The net effect is that the student is locked out of the problem set.

Is there some way to easily reattach the PSVN number to the login name? I tried to rebuild the set from the PSVN log, but it says that the PSVN in question is already assigned, and won't reassign it to the same person.

I've found that if I move the score file out of the DATA directory, destroy the the set by PSVN, rebuild, then move the score file back in, all is well, but that's a bit intensive for my taste.

I know I'm getting a blank value on PSVN, when I call detachProbSetRecord. Here's the relevant code:

foreach $studentLogin (@availableStudents) { my %loginList = &getAllSetNumbersForStudentLoginHash$studentLogin}; my $psvn =$loginList{$setNumber}; &attachProbSetRecord($psvn);

if ($updateMethod eq 'all') { &putOpenDate($newOpenDateTime,$psvn); &putDueDate($newDueDateTime,$psvn); &putAnswerDate($newAnswerDateTime,$psvn); } else { $oldOpenDateTime = &getOpenDate($probSetKey); &putOpenDate($newOpenDateTime,$probSetKey) unless ($oldOpenDateTime > $newOpenDateTime);

$oldDueDateTime = &getDueDate($probSetKey); &putDueDate($newDueDateTime,$probSetKey) unless $oldDueDateTime > $newDueDateTime);

$oldAnswerDateTime = &getAnswerDate($probSetKey); &putAnswerDate($newAnswerDateTime,$probSetKey) unless ($oldAnswerDateTime > $newAnswerDateTime); } # &putSetHeaderFileName( $newSetHeaderFileName,$probSetKey); # &putProbHeaderFileName( $newProbHeaderFileName,$probSetKey);

&detachProbSetRecord($psvn); }

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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