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user Richard M. Woodward - WeBWorK 1.8 Testing

user Richard M. Woodward - WeBWorK 1.8 Testing

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inactiveTopicWeBWorK 1.8 Testing topic started 10/28/2002; 5:39:59 AM
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userRichard M. Woodward - WeBWorK 1.8 Testing  blueArrow
10/28/2002; 5:39:59 AM (reads: 492, responses: 0)
Hello, WeBWorKers.

I'm back with version 1.8 running on Red Hat Linux 7.3. I could use a little feedback from anyone who has a few minutes to check out my implementation. My home PC network has been placed on the internet so that I can provide demos of WeBWorK to Rochester, NY area high school principals and math teachers.

Would some of you login as "practice1" or "practice2" using your username as your password? I am primarily interested in connectivity and performance. The 56K dial-up connection I use won't be very fast, but I need to know that it is "adequate" to provide a demo to one or two people at the same time.

You get there by going to "" and clicking on "Homework Demo". If you get a message about my not being online, then send me an email message that you want to go online. It's sometimes possible for me to bring up the link in a minute or two.

Thanks in advance for any feedback. Also, please remember to logout so the next person can get in without waiting for a time out.

Regards Richard

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