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Richard M. Woodward - Notebook/Laptop for WeBWorK

Richard M. Woodward - Notebook/Laptop for WeBWorK

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicNotebook/Laptop for WeBWorK topic started 11/24/2002; 3:51:22 PM
last post 11/28/2002; 2:29:08 AM
userRichard M. Woodward - Notebook/Laptop for WeBWorK  blueArrow
11/24/2002; 3:51:22 PM (reads: 1149, responses: 4)
Hello, WeBWorKers.

I'm heading for Detroit in a few days to retrieve a desktop system which my mother isn't able to use (can't get used to the mouse). I want to try one of the Notebook computers with the new touch pads in place of a mouse.

In case Mom still can't use it, I would like to have a Notebook computer which I can put to good use myself. In particular, I want to find a Notebook computer which can run WeBWorK, ideally on Red Hat Linux (version 7.3 or 8.0).

Have any of you gone down that road before? Suggestions will be appreciated. The sooner the better, since I would like to bring the new computer to Mom when I vist her for Thanksgiving.

Regards, Richard

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Notebook/Laptop for WeBWorK  blueArrow
11/25/2002; 6:53:53 AM (reads: 1321, responses: 0)
Hi Richard,

I'm sure any halfway decent notebook you buy new will work fine. I have WeBWorK running on my (now very old) Dell Inspiron 5000. On that machine I dual boot Win 98 and Red Hat unix (an old version maybe 7.1, there is not enought disk space to install Redhat 8.0).

Mike is running WeBWorK on his Mac laptop.


PS. You might try another input device (e.g. tracker ball) for you mother and buy the notebook for yourself.

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userRichard M. Woodward - Re: Notebook/Laptop for WeBWorK  blueArrow
11/25/2002; 8:52:20 AM (reads: 1313, responses: 0)
Thanks, Arnie.

I am about ready to purchase a Compaq Presario 906US Notebook which is on special right now at CompUSA (in Rochester NY). It sells for $850 after rebates. Has 256 MB RAM, 20GB HD, 1.33GHz Processor (AMD), 14.1 in display, 8X DVD/CD-RW combo drive, and ships with MS Windows XP Home Edition. Looks pretty good to me if Mom can't get used to it, and I put it to use with Red Hat Linux 8.0. I think I rembember that RHL required about 4GB to install. There will be plenty of room for WeBWorK 1.8, especially since I don't plan to do any 'precreates'.

Plans are to buy it today or tomorrow unless one of you WeBWorKers sends me negative feedback about this choice of Notebook computer.

I was tempted to consider a Mac laptop with OS X (10.2), but I'm still on a learning curve for WeBWorK and Red Hat Linux. The extra learning for OS X (and the whole world of Apple) would probably be overwhelming for me. Maybe next year.

Thanks, Richard

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userBill Ziemer - Re: Notebook/Laptop for WeBWorK  blueArrow
11/25/2002; 7:10:58 PM (reads: 1326, responses: 0)
I have easily put RedHat 6 and 7 on Dell Inspirons (many models).

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userLars Jensen - Re: Notebook/Laptop for WeBWorK  blueArrow
11/28/2002; 2:29:08 AM (reads: 1300, responses: 0)
Webwork runs great on my 266MHz Compaq notebook with 48MB ram. It runs Debian linux. -Lars.

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