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Gavin LaRose - cplx_cmp

Gavin LaRose - cplx_cmp

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopiccplx_cmp topic started 11/25/2002; 4:43:48 PM
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userGavin LaRose - cplx_cmp  blueArrow
11/25/2002; 4:43:48 PM (reads: 484, responses: 0)
Hi all,

I noticed that Mark posted a question about cplx_cmp a while ago, saying that he was getting a "empty variable in concatenation" error and a failure for student answers to propagate to the previewer page when using that answer evaluator. I didn't see a response. I'm noting now (at least with version 1.7.02) that the latter behavior seems still to be present. Is this fixed in version 1.8 (or Mark, did you come up with a fix)? I describe what I'm seeing more carefully below.


More complete description: The problem includes something like

    $soln = cplx(-1/2, sqrt(3)/2);
ANS( cplx_cmp($soln) );
When an answer is previewed, the preview page shows the parsed version of the answer and previews it correctly, but the text field for the answer is blank. Thus if one just hits "submit" from there, the problem is marked wrong (because the answer is blank). Re-entering the answer before submitting does work, however.

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