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Jun Wang - Students' answers in paper copy

Jun Wang - Students' answers in paper copy

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicStudents' answers in paper copy topic started 2/3/2003; 10:04:04 AM
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userJun Wang - Students' answers in paper copy  blueArrow
2/3/2003; 10:04:04 AM (reads: 669, responses: 0)
After a set was closed, one of our faculty here wanted save a copy of the record on his PC that would include each student's problems, students' answers, and the keys. He went to the "Download paper copies for some or all students" page and Downloaded a paper copy for each student in his class. He could print the keys on paper copy but was unable to print the student's answers.

Is there an alternative way to do this or could another option "Show students'answers in hard copy" be added to this page? Thanks.


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