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Michael Gage - Templates in WeBWorK 2.0

Michael Gage - Templates in WeBWorK 2.0

by Arnold Pizer -
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userMichael Gage - Templates in WeBWorK 2.0  blueArrow
2/28/2003; 8:30:42 AM (reads: 1152, responses: 0)
Templates in WeBWorK 2.0
One of the features of the new organization in WeBWorK 2.0 (currently in preview release) is the ease with which the "look" of each page can be altered using a template. It is not necessary to rewrite the code -- the template that defines most of the graphics layout of a page is stored in a different file. By customizing this file each course can have its own look.

Here's an example of this flexibility in action. The original "bare bones" template we have been using during development can be seen at
login: practice1
password: practice1

This is the calculus course (series and sequences) which I am currently teaching. I am using WeBWorK 2.0 in its trial run.

Asked to put up a version that more closely resembled WeBWorK 1.8 in layout, designer Dennis Lambe responded:

"... what a great opportunity to show off the templating system, huh? After about five minutes of hacking on my template file (and a couple of "oopies" patches), I've got a template that's almost identical to the old system."

The link below runs the same system as the link above, with one different HTML file (the template).
login: practice1
passwd: practice1

(Notice that the port numbers, such as :1101 in the link above are important. We are running experimental systems and they are not on the standard ports.)

By modifying this template file one can achieve an intermediate design, between the old style and the "bare bones" style, one combining the desired attributes of each.

It is now relatively easy to create completely new graphical layouts relatively easily.

We invite your comments, suggestions and wish lists.

-- Mike
Posted by Michael Gage on 2/28/03; 8:31:06 AM
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