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Barbra Bannon - unordered_str_cmp depreciated method?

Barbra Bannon - unordered_str_cmp depreciated method?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicunordered_str_cmp depreciated method? topic started 3/19/2003; 11:57:03 AM
last post 3/19/2003; 2:32:25 PM
userBarbra Bannon - unordered_str_cmp depreciated method? blueArrow
3/19/2003; 11:57:03 AM (reads: 754, responses: 1)
Hi there,

For some reason when I try to use unordered_str_cmp in my problems, it pops up a pink screen stating that I have an uninitialized value in str_cmp. However, my code works fine when I use just str_cmp. I have attached the code, if someone could help me, I would be forever thankful!


#KEYWORDS('derivatives', 'differentials')

DOCUMENT(); # This should be the first executable line in the problem.


$showPartialCorrectAnswers = 1;

Please refer to graph for problem #3 in Stewart 4th Edition, page 230.
For each of the numbers a,b,c,d,e,r,s, and t, state whether the function
whose graph is shown has an absolute maximum or minimum, a local maximum
or minimum, or neither a maximum or minimum.

The following abbreviations will be used in this problem:
MAX = absolute maximum, $BR
MIN = absolute minimum, $BR
LMAX = local maximum, $BR
LMIN = local mimimum, $BR
NONE = no maximum or minimum. $PAR

Enter the points where the following condition holds true: (e.g. MAX: a,b)
MAX: {ans_rule(10)} $BR
MIN: {ans_rule(10)} $BR
LMAX: {ans_rule(10)} $BR
LMIN: {ans_rule(10)} $BR
NONE: {ans_rule(10)} $BR

$a = "b";
$b = "d";
$c = "b,e";
$d = "d,s";
$e = "a,c,r,t";

ANS(unordered_str_cmp($a), unordered_str_cmp($b),
unordered_str_cmp($c), unordered_str_cmp($d),

ENDDOCUMENT(); # This should be the last executable line in the problem.

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userMike Gage - Re: unordered_str_cmp depreciated method? blueArrow
3/19/2003; 2:32:25 PM (reads: 951, responses: 0)

This code works here on my machine. There is one problem with the answers you have


 $a = "b"; 
$b = "d";
$c = "b,e";
$d = "d,s";
$e = "a,c,r,t";

You do not need or want the commas in your answers. The answers are expected to be entered without commas.

You might want to get a fresh copy of at

just in case there is something that wasn't quite up to date in your version of str_cmp. (the error sounds very much like it is internal to str_cmp or it's alias unordered_str_cmp)

Hope this helps.

-- Mike

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