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64 bit server?

64 bit server?

by Dennis Keeler -
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Hello all. After just setting up a new server with the standard i386 Ubuntu 7.10, it dawned on me that the Intel Core 2 Duo in my box is a 64 bit processor. Would it be advantageous to switch to the 64 bit Ubuntu? Are there 64-bit optimized versions of the important pieces nowadays? (I suppose that would be Apache, MySQL, and Perl.)

I suppose my question might be unanswerable unless someone has actually tried it. I might do so on another box this weekend. But I was just curious for opinions on whether this would lead to a faster Webwork server. Thanks. -Dennis
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Re: 64 bit server?

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Dennis,

I'm not sure what the speed-up is, but we're running on 64bit code on 64bit processors here at UMich. So I can prove existence, but I haven't compared the speed running 32bit vs. 64bit on our machines.