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Michael Gage - problem library CVS

Michael Gage - problem library CVS

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HowTo use the CVS.

How to create a CVS repository for a problem library

These instructions are out of date. See

Setting up a local problem collection using CVS

Set the address of the CVS server
Instructions for Unix (tcsh, csh shells)
% setenv CVSROOT
or instructions for Unix (bash shell)
% export
Login to CVS server
% cvs login
(Logginging in to
CVS password:
Just enter a return at the password prompt. The anonymous login does not require a password.

An error message at this point likely means that you have not defined CVSROOT correctly in the first step.

To obtain the standard rochester problem set (included with the standard distribution)
Transfer to a directory, say ~/tests/problems and type
cvs checkout rochester_problib
This will create a directory ~/tests/problems/rochester_problib which will contain the top level set directories (e.g. setDerivatives1, etc.) which in turn contain the .pg files for the problems.
To obtain the collection (untested) of eighth grade math problems
cvs checkout rochester_grade8problems
Updating the problems is done by changing to the appropriate directory and typing
cvs update
or type
cvs -n update
to see which problems would be updated. You can also use this to determine which files you have modified locally. (They will be marked with an M.

To inspect the contents of the CVS, review the changes made recently along with the notes of the programmers, it's easiest to do from the web at The pop-up menu allows you to choose between the webwork directory for the system, and the various problem directories listed below.

Other problem CVS. Use these values for CVSROOT and for the checkout module:

Arizona State University
% setenv CVSROOT
cvs checkout asu_problems
Dartmouth University
% setenv CVSROOT
cvs checkout dartmouth_problems
Indiana University
% setenv CVSROOT
cvs checkout indiana_problems
Dade County Day School (Detroit)
% setenv CVSROOT
cvs checkout dcsd_problems
Ohio State University
% setenv CVSROOT
cvs checkout osu_problems

There is currently much overlap between the different problem libraries. Some of the problems from Ohio State and from Alabama State University have been folded into the Rochester problem library collection. There are efforts underway to define a uniform system for organizing, correcting and updating problems. A method that makes it relatively easy for anyone to contribute.

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