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John Jones - feature requests for parser

John Jones - feature requests for parser

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicfeature requests for parser topic started 5/20/2003; 12:55:31 AM
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userJohn Jones - feature requests for parser  blueArrow
5/20/2003; 12:55:31 AM (reads: 535, responses: 0)

We are starting work on our finite math course. It would be great if students could enter factorials using "!". I am sure it would avert many student complaints about having to type fact when there is a shorter more standard notation around.

The second request is that the parser allow functions of more than one variable. Then we could add the fairly common P(4,2) and C(4,2) notations for 12 and 6 respectively. The fuctions themselves already exist in PGauxiliaryFunctions.


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