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Arnold K. Pizer - readme.upgrade

Arnold K. Pizer - readme.upgrade

by Arnold Pizer -
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userArnold K. Pizer - readme.upgrade  blueArrow
7/24/2003; 3:35:55 PM (reads: 466, responses: 0)
readme.upgrade file for WeBWorK version 1.9


1. Read the readme.install file and download the *.tar.gz files.

2. Courses running under WeBWorK 1.5 or later will run without change under WeBWorK 1.9.

3. If you don't want to keep a version of your current WeBWorK system active, you can remove the system directory (and all its subdirectories) and start over with the new installation. We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of your old system even if you do not make the changes outlined in step 4 below.

4. If you want to maintain an active version of your current system, do the following: a. Move the system directory to a new directory old_system and move the system_html directory to a new directory old_system_html: cd .../webwork/ mv system old_system mv system_html old_system_html b. In old_system/lib/ edit the items: $mainDirectory, $htmlWebworkURL, and $cgiWebworkURL. In these items, replace "system" by "old_system". c. In old_system/cgi/ edit the "use lib" line replacing "system" by "old_system". Copy this edited file to old_system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ and old_system/scripts/ This same file maut reside in these three locations. d. In you webserver's htdocs and cgi-bin directories (or configuration files), create new links for $cgiWebworkURL and $htmlWebworkURL (just copy your current setup replacing "system" by "old_system" in the links or cgi aliases). e. To get a course (e.g. mth140a) to use the old_system, edit the course's index.html file (.../webwork/courses/mth140a/html/index.html) changing the line


You can even have two login forms on this page so that students can use either system at will. This may be confusing for the students, but will not cause any problems for WeBWorK. All the course data is completely independent from the WeBWorK system scripts.

5. To install the new system, follow the instructions in readme.install. Be care not to over write your .../webwor/courses/ directory if you have real courses set up there.

Mike Gage and Arnie Pizer

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