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Arnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK 1.9.02 available

Arnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK 1.9.02 available

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicWeBWorK 1.9.02 available topic started 7/31/2003; 10:49:44 AM
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userArnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK 1.9.02 available  blueArrow
7/31/2003; 10:49:44 AM (reads: 681, responses: 0)
A new distribution of WeBWorK 1.9 is available correcting the bug reported in Small bug in WeBWorK 1.9 distribution. If you have already installed WeBWorK 1.9 you need only update the texSetPreamble.tex file. Instructions for doing so are in contained in the bug report above. There is also a slightly updated version of the Rochester WeBWorK Problem Library available (most changes are in the setDiffEQ* subdirectories). The Software download links now point to the new versions.

The current versions are:


You can download a pdf version of the whole Rochester WeBWorK Problem Library at:

This is a 513 page document containing over 3900 WeBWorK problems.

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