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Anarchy Tea. - This does not sit well with me.

Anarchy Tea. - This does not sit well with me.

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicThis does not sit well with me. topic started 9/11/2003; 3:21:13 AM
last post 9/12/2003; 8:46:13 PM
userAnarchy Tea. - This does not sit well with me.  blueArrow
9/11/2003; 3:21:13 AM (reads: 1221, responses: 3)

Hi. How ya doing? Me? Well, I'm ready to beat my computer in because of WeBWorK, thanks for asking.   ;]

Let me tell you all a little story:

ASU has taken it upon themselves to force some math students to use WeBWorK as a means of submitting homework. This does not sit well with me. 

The webpage is always slow. The answers are entirely too particular--so it can take up to a HALF HOUR to submit a SINGLE answer. Is this efficient? Is it helpful? Exciting? Useful? No. It's a pain in the ass. But guess what? I have to do homework this way (meaning, I have to set aside about six HOURS of my day, just do homework that takes me 2 hours to do by hand).

To the creators: Why construct this complicated program that makes homework TEN TIMES more difficult, longer, and harder than it already is?

If someone could answer this for me, I might be more cheerful about spending six hours of my day, caged in front of my computer, tapping answers into a webpage that wants me to enter "interval notations" in a particular fashion. Thanks. And take care.

--Anarchy Tea.

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userThomas Hagedorn - Re: This does not sit well with me.  blueArrow
9/12/2003; 10:23:28 AM (reads: 1447, responses: 1)

You may not want to hear this, but the calculus problems are simple and straightforward.  The primary reason it's taking you so long is probably not Webwork's fault (though it does have some problems) but the fact that calculus takes time to learn.   The time you're putting into the homework shows that Webwork is insuring that you learn all the parts of the subject.

In my calculus class, many students also complain that Webwork won't take their correct answers.  We often meet after class and go over these situations.   So far, Webwork is batting 1000%  .


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userCarl F. Letsche - Re: This does not sit well with me.  blueArrow
9/12/2003; 4:24:13 PM (reads: 1648, responses: 0)
Well, what "doesn't sit well with me" is that a disgruntled student posted to this list. It's the issue that Zig raised with the spam.  Access does need to be restricted, or we're going to be swamped - and it's hard enough to find the useful stuff! ;)


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userZbigniew Fiedorowicz - Re: This does not sit well with me.  blueArrow
9/12/2003; 8:46:13 PM (reads: 1392, responses: 0)

Actually this is different from the spam I discussed earlier on the list.  This student really registered at Mike's web site with a valid email address, and she posted the message to the discussion board via the web interface.  So the settings of the listserv would not stop this post.  The only way to deal with this would be to have a human moderator review all registrations to this web site and activate only those accounts which passed the moderator's scrutiny.


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