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Thomas Hagedorn - Cut-off Parentheses with display_matrix

Thomas Hagedorn - Cut-off Parentheses with display_matrix

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicCut-off Parentheses with display_matrix topic started 9/12/2003; 11:45:46 AM
last post 9/12/2003; 2:04:37 PM
userThomas Hagedorn - Cut-off Parentheses with display_matrix  blueArrow
9/12/2003; 11:45:46 AM (reads: 779, responses: 2)

We've been looking at the set of Linear Algebra problems and find that when a
matrix is displayed, most of the right parenthesis is cut off.  It almost looks like
when the tex is converted to the image to be displayed on the screen, that the
right cutoff line is too close. 

The matrices are being displayed using the display_matrix command.  I don't know if this
is related to the display_math_mm discussion thread elsewhere on this list.

Any ideas?


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userJohn Jones - Re: Cut-off Parentheses with display_matrix  blueArrow
9/12/2003; 12:14:21 PM (reads: 976, responses: 0)
It is tricky to get the the mouse in the right place, but since the right parenthesis is an image, you should be able to right-click on it to then open the image by itself in another window. It will probably come up looking correct, meaning that it is the browser which is not correctly displaying it the first time.

To work around this, I suppose we could put some blank padding around the image. For browsers which currently do show it correctly, it may then look less aesthetic, but maybe that would be the way to go.


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userThomas Hagedorn - Re: Cut-off Parentheses with display_matrix  blueArrow
9/12/2003; 2:04:37 PM (reads: 981, responses: 0)


You're exactly right.  It is a browser problem.  

I justed tested it and the problem arises on Netscape and Mozilla.   The matrices are displayed correctly on Internet Explorer.     Since Netscape is no longer being updated,
that might not be a concern, but Mozilla will hopefully still be developed.

Do you know exactly where the problem is appearing?  If so, we should forward
it to the Mozilla development group.


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