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Richard M. Woodward - Scanning Math Figures for WeBWorK

Richard M. Woodward - Scanning Math Figures for WeBWorK

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicScanning Math Figures for WeBWorK topic started 9/14/2003; 12:48:48 PM
last post 10/22/2003; 8:02:16 PM
userRichard M. Woodward - Scanning Math Figures for WeBWorK  blueArrow
9/14/2003; 12:48:48 PM (reads: 909, responses: 1)
Hello, All.

I'm going to use WeBWorK for teaching (content & exercises) high school mathematics on the WWW. One of the things I have decided to do is to use a scanner to get images of hand-drawn figures.

Red Hat Linux 9 (RHL 9)doesn't recognize my current scanner (generic $20 after-rebate device), so I have to use Windows 2000 to operate the scanner. Does anyone have experience attaching a scanner to RHL 9?

I almost purchased an Epson Perfection 1260 yesterday, but then noticed a disclaimer "special USP requirements." Turns out it won't work in RHL 9. Do you know of any which work?

Help me break free from Microsoft!

Regards, Richard M. Woodward

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userjtheriot@t... - Re: Scanning Math Figures for WeBWorK  blueArrow
10/22/2003; 8:02:16 PM (reads: 1130, responses: 0)
Check out the documentation at  It requires a little reading and editing of a few configuration files, but the payoff is well worth it.

I am also integrating opensource/freeware solutions into my classroom.  I feel the time has come when we should entertain these solutions to bring capabilities to the classroom.  If some capabilities are left out, then we still benefit from the capabilities that we brought to the classroom for no (or little) cost.

Jay C. Theriot
Pre-Algebra/Algebra I

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