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Lee Bradley - Error in a problem

Lee Bradley - Error in a problem

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicError in a problem topic started 9/14/2003; 11:04:41 PM
last post 9/17/2003; 4:20:36 PM
userLee Bradley - Error in a problem  blueArrow
9/14/2003; 11:04:41 PM (reads: 958, responses: 2)

I'm having a problem with the following problem:

<!--StartFragment --> setIntegrals25RationalFunctions/

Here are the errors I am recieving on the webpage after pulling up the problem:

<!--StartFragment --> * Use of uninitialized value in numeric comparison (<=>) at (eval 122) line 1408.
##More details:
-------- main::__ANON__ called at /usr/local/webwork/system/lib// line 1527
---- PGtranslator::PGsort called at (eval 122) line 1408
---- main::num_sort called at (eval 51) line 37
---- main::__ANON__ called at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi/ line 223
---- Safe::reval called at /usr/local/webwork/system/lib// line 733
---- PGtranslator::translate called at /usr/local/webwork/system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ line 441

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Lee Bradley

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userGavin LaRose - Re: Error in a problem  blueArrow
9/15/2003; 4:48:29 PM (reads: 1158, responses: 0)
Hi Lee,

Every time I've seen an error message like that in one of my problems, it's because I've
tried to use a variable before I gave it a value--or I have a typo in an expressions that
results in the same thing (e.g., I called the variable $xval, and then accidentally refer to 
$x later on instead).

In that it's complaining in the comparison operator, I'd start off by looking in any places in
the problem where you're using that, or, heeding the other hint that PGsort might be
involved, check to see if you have uninitialized values in an array that's getting sorted (e.g.,
if somewhere $array[3] is defined but $array[2] hasn't been).


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Error in a problem  blueArrow
9/17/2003; 4:20:36 PM (reads: 1165, responses: 0)

Hi Lee,

It's possible that this is a warning that Perl 5.8 raises but 5.6 doesn't.   We will have to track this down.  I get your error message with WW1.9 on a RedHat Linux 9 box running Perl 5.8.  On a FreeBSD box runing Perl 5.6 and a version of WeBWorK almost identical to WW 1.9, I do not get this error message.



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