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Neil Sigmon - Another Problem Error

Neil Sigmon - Another Problem Error

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicAnother Problem Error topic started 9/26/2003; 4:03:12 PM
last post 9/30/2003; 4:45:59 PM
userNeil Sigmon - Another Problem Error  blueArrow
9/26/2003; 4:03:12 PM (reads: 691, responses: 1)


While using WeBWorK in calculus, we have discovered an error in the answer of one of questions in the problem named


On the third question the problem asks for a given exponential function to find the function obtained by performing a reflection across the x or y axis. A wrong answer is stored in both cases. This can be fixed in by changing two lines of code. Here I have summarized what needs to be changed by commenting out the error and changing to code to the correct form on the next line.

$cg = random(0,2,1);
if ($cg == 0) {
  $c1 = 'x-axis';
#  $ans_c = "$e**(x - $b1)";
  $ans_c = "-$e**(x)";
if ($cg == 1) {
  $c1 = 'y-axis';
#  $ans_c = "$e**x + $b1";
   $ans_c = "$e**(-x)";


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Another Problem Error  blueArrow
9/30/2003; 4:45:59 PM (reads: 804, responses: 0)


Thanks for the correction.  In fact this was corrected awhile ago.  Also the log problems have been moved to setAlgebra*. E.g. this problem is setAlgebra28ExpFunctions/

In general the WeBWorK problems have surprisingly few bugs.  However if you want minimize the chances that the (Rochester Library) problems you are using are buggy, you should download the current version of the library from CVS or by selecting the Software Download link to the left.


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