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Matt Nehring - Checkbox multiple choice

Matt Nehring - Checkbox multiple choice

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicCheckbox multiple choice topic started 10/2/2003; 10:38:40 AM
last post 10/3/2003; 7:52:26 AM
userMatt Nehring - Checkbox multiple choice  blueArrow
10/2/2003; 10:38:40 AM (reads: 809, responses: 1)
I've been trying to use the checkbox multiple choice feature, and while I can successfully write problems that do work, I also get errors when using checkbox_cmp . Ordinarily I would associate this with my own ineptitude, however, I have copied used the example problem distributed with WW ( WW/templates/setGenericQuestions/ ) as well as retyped the example given in the "WW Newbie Guide" by Shemanske and I get the same problem.

Here is the call to checkbox_cmp from

ANS( checkbox_cmp( $cmc -> correct_ans ) );

And here is the series of errors:

* Use of uninitialized value in string comparison (cmp) at (eval 124) line 1405. ##More details: -------- main::__ANON__ called at /usr/local/webwork/system/lib// line 1449 ---- PGtranslator::PGsort called at (eval 124) line 1405 ---- main::lex_sort called at (eval 130) line 1960 ---- main::ignore_order called at (eval 130) line 1915 ---- main::str_filters called at (eval 130) line 2295 ---- main::checkbox_cmp called at (eval 52) line 45 ---- main::__ANON__ called at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi/ line 223 ---- Safe::reval called at /usr/local/webwork/system/lib// line 714 ---- PGtranslator::translate called at /usr/local/webwork/system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ line 441

The funny thing about this is that if I answer the problem correctly, it is recognized as a correct answer, likewise it's marked incorrect if answered incorrectly. Nevertheless, I get the magneta colored background and the above series of errors.

Is there something perhaps wrong with our installation, or is this a common problem?


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userJohn Williams - Re: Checkbox multiple choice  blueArrow
10/3/2003; 7:52:26 AM (reads: 1056, responses: 0)



That was one of the errors I posted in$1862

"Sorting out errors".  We have the same error.


J Williams

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