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Blake Thornton - WW as a placment exam tool?

Blake Thornton - WW as a placment exam tool?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicWW as a placment exam tool? topic started 10/8/2003; 10:57:17 AM
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userBlake Thornton - WW as a placment exam tool?  blueArrow
10/8/2003; 10:57:17 AM (reads: 722, responses: 1)

Each fall, we give our incoming freshmen a placement test to determine which course they should start at.  Our current placement exam needs some work and it might be nice if we could use webwork to do this.  Has anyone done this?

In a perfect world, I would like to have students register on line and have immediate access to our "placement course."  In this perfect world, there would be several problem sets (which would give placement information for several different classes).  The time required to take these placment problem sets would be timed (allowing 1-2 hours or something).  Then, the scores could be reported to the student immediately and they could refer to another webpage telling them how to interpret those scores.

Does anyone think webwork can do all this?  (I'm pretty sure it can, but is it worth it?)

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userBlake Thornton - Re: WW as a placment exam tool?  blueArrow
10/8/2003; 4:02:24 PM (reads: 932, responses: 0)

OK, I'll answer my own question. 

Answer: Moodle


I'll be giving this a try and would love to hear if there are other solutions, but this seems to be a pretty acceptable. one.

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