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Michael Gage - MAA Invited session schedule

Michael Gage - MAA Invited session schedule

by Arnold Pizer -
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userMichael Gage - MAA Invited session schedule  blueArrow
10/10/2003; 11:27:53 AM (reads: 4449, responses: 0)
MAA Invited session schedule

Schedule for "WeBWorK, a Web-Based Homework System"

MAA Invited Paper session at Joint Mathematics Meetings in Phoenix, AZ January 7 - 10, 2004

Thursday, January 8, 2004 Afternoon

1:00-1:20-------M. Gage
WeBWorK2: Playing nicely with others
1:30-1:50-------C. Mett/N. Sigmin
Adaptation of WeBWorK to College algebra at Radford University
2:00-2:20-------M. Fraboni
AiM, a CAS based homework system.
2:30-2:50-------R. Bayne
Successes and failures in setting up webwork courses.
3:00-3:20-------A. Segall/A. Safer
Statistical Assessment of WeBWorK for College Algebra Classes.
3:30-3:50-------V. Roth
Assessing Student Responses to WeBWorK: The Connection between Answer Patterns and Course Performance.

Friday , January 9, 2004 Afternoon

4:10-4:30-------C. Weibel & Lew Hirsch
WeBWorK Effectiveness in Rutgers Calculus.
4:40-5:00-------M. Schmitt
Using WeBWorK at the Secondary School Level.
5:10-5:30-------J. Achter
Responding to Webwork.
5:40-6:00-------D. Cervone
WeBWorK Developments at Union College: New Problems, Answer Checkers and Graders for Multivariable Calculus.
6:10-6:30-------W. Ziemer
Running a Large WeBWorK Operation (Part 1)
6:40-7:00-------J. Holt/J. Jones
Running a Large WeBWorK Operation (Part 2)

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