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Blake Thornton - Viewing Student Progress

Blake Thornton - Viewing Student Progress

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicViewing Student Progress topic started 10/18/2003; 9:29:07 AM
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userBlake Thornton - Viewing Student Progress  blueArrow
10/18/2003; 9:29:07 AM (reads: 825, responses: 3)
I'm not sure if this behavior is a feature or a bug, but here is my problem (webwork 1.8).

While a set is open, I can view a student's work via:

3. View students progress on problem sets in math128fall2003:

When I click on the student, I can see what they answered and see where their problem is.

But, after the set has been closed, when I do this same thing, all the answers are gone.

(Does this make sense? I can't see the student's answers when the set has been closed.)

Any ideas? Should I just not care or is there something else I can do?

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userJohn Jones - Re: Viewing Student Progress  blueArrow
10/18/2003; 11:53:44 AM (reads: 972, responses: 0)

When you get the list of the individual problems, there is a checkbox for showing old answers.  When the set is open (and the person is not a practice user), the default is to be checked, otherwise it is unchecked by default.  When the set is closed, you should be able to check it and see the old answers.

I had several teachers here ask about this, so I changed the defaults for our installation.  It just seemed easier than explaining the behavior of the checkbox over and over.  So for us, the box is always checked by default for professors.  If people generally like this idea, I can upload the change.


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userBlake Thornton - Re: Viewing Student Progress  blueArrow
10/18/2003; 8:35:48 PM (reads: 1003, responses: 0)
Ahhhh. Something obvious. Thanks for the help!


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Viewing Student Progress  blueArrow
10/19/2003; 1:04:53 PM (reads: 1016, responses: 0)


The reasoning behind this behavior is the following.  After a set is closed, the main reason a student will redo an assignment is to study for an exam.  When doing so, it's probably easier to work through a problem again when the answer isn't right before your nose.  Obviously, it's very easy to see the old answer if you want. 

Further with WeBWorK 1.9, professors can view every (not just the last) answer a student entered with the click of a the mouse.


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