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Jan-Åke Larsson - dvipng-0.7

Jan-Åke Larsson - dvipng-0.7

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inactiveTopicdvipng-0.7 topic started 10/19/2003; 5:12:53 AM
last post 12/8/2003; 2:54:16 AM
userJan-Åke Larsson - dvipng-0.7  blueArrow
10/19/2003; 5:12:53 AM (reads: 861, responses: 3)

This is the release notes for dvipng-0.7:

This program makes PNG graphics from DVI files as obtained from TeX and its relatives.

This release introduces internal support for PostScript Type1 fonts and TrueType fonts, via FreeType2. It is now possible to render images at various resolutions without cluttering the disk with many PK fonts.

It also introduces a --baseline switch for baseline reporting, but that will only work reliably when using preview.sty.

It has been tested but will probably need further testing. Report any bugs you find, see README for instructions.

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userSam Hathaway - Re: dvipng-0.7  blueArrow
12/5/2003; 12:08:44 PM (reads: 1030, responses: 0)
Thanks for the notification.

I recently upgraded dvipng on our developement machine here at Rochester to dvipng 0.7, and we're experiencing a problem. Any call to dvipng hangs, consuming large amounts of CPU time. I've tried with several TeX files, including the test_dvipng.tex file distributed with dvipng, to no avail.

The only output I get (with -v) is: This is dvipng 0.7 Copyright 2002-2003 Jan-Åke Larsson ' TeX output 2003.12.05:1154' -> test_dvipng%d.png

One copy (running on FreeBSD 4.7) does not have FreeType support enabled. Another (running on Debian testing) des. Both have the same behavior.

Has anyone else run into this?

Thanks, Sam

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userWilliam Wheeler - Re: dvipng-0.7  blueArrow
12/6/2003; 9:05:46 PM (reads: 1003, responses: 0)
Yes, I encountered this problem also. The second modification listed in my message "dvipng-0.7 fixes for Solaris" fixed this problem in my environment.


Bill Wheeler

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userJan-Åke Larsson - Re: dvipng-0.7  blueArrow
12/8/2003; 2:54:16 AM (reads: 1024, responses: 0)
Several have, it seems. It will be fixed in 0.8, soon to be released.


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