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Blake Thornton -

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Number of replies: 0 topic started 10/28/2003; 5:16:45 PM
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userBlake Thornton -  blueArrow
10/28/2003; 5:16:45 PM (reads: 665, responses: 2)

We've been trying to install Moodle to work with webwork and it seems that this module ( is required, but it can't be found.  We're using webwork 1.8 and there doesn't seem to be any Timing module on our system.  Any ideas on what I'm missing?



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userArnold K. Pizer - Re:  blueArrow
10/29/2003; 4:14:34 PM (reads: 800, responses: 0)

I think this is a question for Zig.  There is a module that is distributed with WeBWorK 1.9 and since Zig has upgraded his scripts to work with WeBWorK 1.9, maybe he made use of it.  I would imagine that you can grab from the WeBWorK 1.9 tar fileand just use it and things should work OK.  But you really should ask Zig.



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userZbigniew Fiedorowicz - Re:  blueArrow
10/29/2003; 10:39:55 PM (reads: 815, responses: 0)

Moodle doesn't use, nor any other Perl library for that matter -- it is written in PHP.  However, my scripts require slightly hacked versions of the WeBWorK scripts and, which are included as part of the interface on the downloads page.  The current versions of these scripts are derived from the ones in the WeBWorK 1.9 distribution and thus use  You can do a diff between virgin 1.9 versions of and and the hacked versions in the Moodle distribution and then incorporate the indicated changes into the 1.8 versions of these scripts -- it would amount to perhaps a dozen lines of code altogether.

[The hacks to and make these scripts emit html comments in several strategic places, which are then used by my output filters to screen out links into the outer WeBWork user interface and replace them by links into Moodle.]



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