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Not recording student results or answers

Not recording student results or answers

by Jeff Denny -
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I have a student who says she logged into our webwork course and entered her answers...but the system now has no record of the answers. She did this work from out of town.

I've checked the login log file, and it does show that she logged into the system at that time/date. BUT, no answers are recorded in the answer log.

This might just be a hiccup of some sort due to her off campus access.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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Re: Not recording student results or answers

by Michael Gage -
I doubt that the off-campus login would cause this.

Hi Jeff,

Usually I've found that this complete is caused because the student used a practice login (guest login) -- but that wouldn't be true in your case if you find her name in the login file.

There is a transaction.log file which (depending on our global.conf entries) might be stored in .../courses/courseName/logs/transaction.log or webwork2/htdocs/logs/courseName_transaction.log which would tell you what actions the student submitted.

Sometimes students hit the preview button instead of the submit button (and hitting return instead of the submit button will trigger the preview button on most browsers).

Hope this helps.

-- Mike