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Oswald - Checking units in fun_cmp

Oswald - Checking units in fun_cmp

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicChecking units in fun_cmp topic started 2/10/2004; 11:33:09 AM
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userOswald - Checking units in fun_cmp  blueArrow
2/10/2004; 11:33:09 AM (reads: 482, responses: 0)

The solution to an acceleration problem in vector notation is

a = 3.42i + 4.63j m/s^2.

I normally use the fun_cmp, illustrated below, to check the answer

&ANS(fun_cmp("$coeffa*i + $coeffb*j",var=>['i','j'],reltol=>1));

I tried to have the system  check the units by trying

&ANS(fun_cmp("$coeffa*i + $coeffb*j",var=>['i','j'],reltol=>1, units=>'m/s^2'));

however, this does not work.  It there another way to do this?



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